Why Vyomiq?

Vyomiq is a simple, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use end-to-end school management system that saves time.

Be it through seamless communication with parents through our special integrations, or managing schedules at last minute due to unknown emergencies, Vyomiq makes it a breeze.

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Easy to implement and use

Intuitive and simple User Interface that makes it as easy as ABC.

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Custom Dashboards Adhoc Reports

Get the answer to any question you have with a few simple clicks.

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Access data anywhere anytime

Our cloud-based infrastructure enables real-time data access, whether in the office or on the go.

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A cost-effective solution

Our pricing model is designed to be affordable and flexible.


Mobile app fledged with features

Vyomiq is packed with a comprehensive range of features to cater to all aspects of school management. From school calendars and attendance reports to exam reports and notifications, our school ERP software covers it all. Manage your attendance, scheduling, administration, and much more easily with our system.

Benefits of Vyomiq

When you choose Vyomiq for your school, you unlock a range of benefits that empower your administration, faculty, and students

Technology Integration

Vyomiq software seamlessly integrates with your existing technology infrastructure, ensuring smooth compatibility and efficient workflows. It also acts as the best school management software for teachers. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and enjoy a streamlined experience.


Our ERP Software for schools offers flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements. Customize modules, workflows, and settings to align with your specific processes, ensuring a tailored solution for your school.

Paperless Administration

With Vyomiq, embrace a paperless administration, reducing paperwork, manual processes, and storage costs. Store and access all your school records, reports, and documentation securely and digitally.


By automating time-consuming tasks, Vyomiq frees up valuable time for your staff, allowing them to focus on other activities. Increased productivity leads to better outcomes for the school and its stakeholders.


Monitor and track the performance of your students and staff with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Identify areas of improvement, and take data-driven actions to enhance overall performance.

Information Accessibility

Vyomiq ensures easy access to information for all stakeholders. Parents, teachers, admin, and students can conveniently retrieve relevant data within the system, fostering transparency and collaboration.

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