Attendance Tracking and Management

With the class management software, attendance tracking becomes streamlined and efficient. Educators can easily record and monitor student attendance, reducing manual paperwork and saving instructional time. The system can generate attendance reports, notify parents of absences, and provide valuable insights into attendance patterns for proactive interventions.


Communication and Collaboration

The Class Management system facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among educators, students, and parents. It provides channels for announcements, notifications, and messaging, enabling timely dissemination of information. Additionally, it allows for parent teacher communication, fostering a partnership in student development and academic progress.


Classroom Behavior Management

Effective classroom behavior management is crucial for maintaining a positive and focused learning environment. The Class Management software offers tools for managing classroom behavior, such as behavior tracking, reward systems, and disciplinary actions. By promoting positive behavior and addressing disruptive conduct promptly, educators can create an atmosphere conducive to learning.


Vyomiq is designed to be easy to use for schools of all sizes. The software has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive help section. There is also a team of support professionals available to help schools get started with Vyomiq.

To get started with Vyomiq, schools can simply visit the Vyomiq website and click on the get started button to reach one of our representatives.

Yes, we offer a variety of training and support services to help schools get the most out of Vyomiq. These services include free onboarding, online courses, live webinars, and in-person training.

We provide prior intimation to schools before any software updates or new feature releases. The updates are rolled out without the servers going down, and detailed documentation is made available. These updates go through rigorous quality testing, so schools can be assured that the software remains bug-free despite the updates being rolled out.

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